SAHYOG 1st Expert's meeting, 10 May 2012, Bruges, Belgium

The SAHYOG Project – Brief Description and Initial steps
Neeta Sharma, SAHYOG Coordinator

Biomass Inventories in India
Priyangshu Sarma/Neera Sarin, SAHYOG Coordinator (India)

Biomass Inventories SAHYOG (first steps towards the templates and methodology applied for Europe)
Silvia Tabacchioni/Neeta Sharma, ENEA, Italy

Energy from Agricultural Waste
Anand Karve, ARTI, India

Projects Inventories SAHYOG
Kees Kwant, SAHYOG Task leader WP2

Inventories in project ALCUE
Ivan Ingelbrecht, University Ghent, Belgium

Inventories in project CROPS 2 Industry
Ulrich Schurr, FZ Juelich, Germany

Biomass in Europe & India- BIOCORE experience
Michael O’Donohue, INRA, France

Biomass for energy and materials in Europe
Achim Raschka, Nova Institute, Germany

Methodology for inventarisation to address biomass use for food/fuel/materials: example Belgium
Nathalie Devriendt, VITO, Mol

Biomass assessment in Europe, Practices and Methods, inventory results
Vincenzo Motola, ENEA Research Centre/JRC, Italy

Biomass Availability and Applications - an industrial perspective
Henk Noorman, DSM

Challenges for Research and Development in biomass and biorefinery from an industrial point of view
Päivi Rousu, CHEMPOLIS, Finland

Transforming Cellulosic Feedstocks for Conversion into Biobased Chemicals
Arianna Giovannini, CHEMTEX (Mossi & Ghisolfi Group), Italy

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